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Veteran and ancient trees are ecologically and culturally important. Great care is needed when considering management options for these sensitive giants, in order to extend their lives and protect their associated habitats and dependent species. At Dave Smith Tree Care and Woodland Management, we aim to protect veteran and ancient trees using expert advice issued by The Ancient Tree Forum, The Woodland Trust and Natural England.

Veteran tree management in Hereford

Special care for each tree

Veteran trees are usually considered to be trees which have grown beyond full maturity, and as such they require special care to conserve them. Each individual tree is different and  will require its own assessment and appropriate care. A phased crown reduction planned over several years (retrenchment pruning) is often needed to keep these trees safe from collapse without removing too much essential foliage at any one time. We can also provide orchard renovations, tree surveys and  vital report writing

We are always happy to discuss with you what is best for each individual tree and draw up a suitable management plan. For a free estimate,  get in touch with us today.

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Veteran tree management