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Orchard renovations

Based in Herefordshire, we are surrounded by a rich variety of bio diverse, traditional, small orchards. Many of these have fallen into a state of neglect. Dave Smith Tree Care and Woodland Management has a highly skilled team of arborists who are qualified to plant new orchards and renovate existing ones. We take great care not to destroy valuable habitats or disturb any protected species associated with orchards such as bats, birds or the rare noble chafer beetle.

Orchard renovations and maintenance

Our orchard services include:

• Replanting new standards

• Installing tree guards

• Rebalancing old trees

• Thinning and pruning

If you are the owner of a small orchard, or would like to create one, we can offer sound advice on which local varieties to plant and how best to preserve your existing trees.


Get in touch with us for more information. We serve Hereford, Brecon, Ledbury, Leominster, Monmouth and other locations in Herefordshire.

For orchard renovation, call Dave Smith Tree Care and Woodland Management on 07905 849 842

Sound advice on orchard maintenance