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Herefordshire’s hedgerows help to give the county its distinct look. Many hedges have become overgrown in recent decades and need to be brought back into management, for the benefit of wildlife and to increase the longevity of the hedge.

Hedge laying and planting

High-quality services by our experienced team

We have many years’ experience in the traditional art of hedge laying, including coppicing and replanting over-mature hedgerows when necessary. We can supply our own hedge stakes and bindings or use what is available within the hedge.


We also supply and plant native hedges to suit your requirements. Hedgerows act as wildlife corridors as well as providing shelter from the wind for livestock and crops. We can advise on species composition, and carry out aftercare if you wish.

Apart from hedge laying, we also help in maintaining your trees with our tree care services including tree surgery, orchard renovations and veteran tree management.


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